Greene, John Portineus, 1793-1844

Diary entries, 1838 Nov. 1-16

Microfilm of ms., Historical Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City.



Novr. <No> 1. 1838

at Hickrey Crick. the 2 at Big Crick - 3 - Hony Cr.  4 - put out & up In. Bachelors Vale the 5 in in the Valley of Bountifull. — 6 — Stormed all night — & 7 — & 8 — & — 9 — Bu & on Soupe Cr — howlet 10 at 2. oc. we Saw & Com to the old Freway town on the Desmoins River. 11 — — A. — Vanburan County — & Town.  12 Rained all day & we laid still. . Mr- Phiney How w was taken Sick.  13. we pursud oure Journey leaving Mr How : Son & Mr Isreal Otice to take Care of him. 14 - we Crossed at the Missisipi River at Warsaw Stayed at Oeld Br Linseeys 15 Came to Quinsey & put up at Judge Cleveland (4. Miles from town,) a verey fine — feeling man, & benevolent to administer to the neceessitys of the afflicted Saints[1] — 16 this is the first time I have found a place to rest for the last 4 - weeks!  O lord thank thee Lord



Ireway Territory

Vanburen Cont.

Potoro Post office

Nov- 12.- 1838 - -

at Mr. Archimedes


I arived here on the Eve of th 11 - in company with Messrs Otice - Goodall & Squiare Egelstons


Ephram Owen

Point Commores

Greene County In —


Thomas Burdick

Warsaw.  Hancock Co. Il—


[Transcribed and proofread by Brian D. Reeves, 16 April 1999.]

                [1]Emma Smith subsequently stayed in Judge Cleveland’s home.  Joseph and Emma wrote a letter to him and his wife on 24 May 1839, from Commerce.  The letter includes the following: “We write to you to redeem our pledge . . . , we . . . beg to assure you and your family that we have not forgotten you, but remember you all, as well as the great kindness and friendship which we have experienced at your hands.  We have selected a lot for you just across the street from our own beside Mr [G. W.] Harris, and in the orchard according to the desire of Sister Cleveland and also one on the river adapted to Mr Cleveland’s trade.”  Joseph Smith, Letterbook, 1829-1835, Historical Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City.