Family of Lorenzo Dow Young

Utah Historical Quarterly, 14:1–4 (1946), 171


Children of His Wife Persis Goodall:

William Goodall
Harriet Maria
Franklin Wheeler
Joseph Watson
John Ray
Lucy Ann
Lucius James
Lucia Jane
Frances Elizabeth
*Lorenzo Sobieski
(Born—March 9, 1841 Winchester, Illinois)
(Died—March 28, 1904 Shelley, Idaho)

Children Of His Wife Harriet Page Wheeler Decker:

John Brigham,
(Born—September 5, 1844, Waynesville, Warren County, Ohio)
(Died—in infancy, September 5, 1844)
Lorenzo Dow, Jr.—First male child born in the Great Salt Lake Valley.
(Born September 26, 1847)
(Died—in infancy—March 22, 1848)

Children of His Wife Hannah Ida Hewitt:

Perry Legrand
Brigham Willard
Harriet Josephine
Clara May

Children of His Wife Eleanor Jones:

Harriet Page
Edward Jones
George Edwin
James Jones
Mary Ellen
(two died in childhood.)
(Mamie)—adopted child of John Ray Young

Children Of His Wife Joanna (Anna) Larsen:

Harry Augustus
Francis Marion
Albert Francis

Children of Harriet Page Wheeler Decker and Isaac Decker:

Isaac Perry Decker
(Born—August 7, 1840, Winchester, Scott Co., Ill.)
(Died—January 24, 1916. Provo, Utah)

*Children accompanying the original pioneer company.