LDSA MS 16907
Correspondence to Jane Adeline Bicknell Young
Transcribed and proofed by Ben Parkinson, January 2006

                Clarkesburgh Oct th 9 1862

dear Children it is some time since we got a letter from you I have not wrote to you I can informe you that we are in the land and are injoying as good helth as we can exspect in our olde age but I am very lame in one of my legs and not able to do but little to help us to live and am de pendent on our children for assistance Julion and Leicster Johnson sinde us some money evrey year Julius helpes us to money some Julius was hear about three weks since from Illinois he and Fameley was all well when he left home he said that he had paid for his land but was some in debt he cam hear on bisnes his first Wifes Father is Ded and has lefte to her to two children [p.2] to the amount of fifteen or twenty Thousin Dollers it will have to be kep in thare gardian till tha are of age we have not got a letter from Julian Johnson since last march if you hav meanes to helpe us a little if tresera notes sircalate there you could send to us in a letter if you can to make our burden the lighter we dont git enney information from Hurlbert nor the Orton Boys if you know enny thing about them you you [sic] can write to us I wante you to write often we are glad to hear from you you can write to us often some of you do not feel to write avrey month I will to you as often as I can our natin is in sivil war the North aganste South thousans are slane on both sides how it will ende the lorde oneley knowes [p.3] It has been very dry hear thare has not ben but vry rane since June thare is not halfe a crop of corne potatoes and garden vigatebles thare is none wheat was good I want to see a letter from Joseph one hand we know but little what is doing thare I sent the letter that Seymour wrote to Julius I donte supose that if you woulde give him all the teritory he woulde come thare

                Calvin Bicknell