LDSA MS 16907
Correspondence to Jane Adeline Bicknell Young
Transcribed and proofed by Ben Parkinson, January 2006

                 Clarkesburgh Dec th 22 1864

Dear Children and Grandchildren we received your letter in due time Iforming us that you was all well and found a five doller note that Jane sent us to helpe us in our olde age we are thankfull for the intrest you take in our walfare to help us along when we are no able to help ourselves we have as good helth as we can expect in our olde age the War makes avry thing very hy price one Doller yous to by as much as three will now all of our Children have sint us some asistance to help us a long we have got a letter from Julius and thay was all well he wrote that frost killed all the corn thar in august he wrote that he had not one hundred Bushels of sound corn on seventy acers Corn is seventy five cent a bushel hear and wheat one Doller and twenty five cents P[o]rke seven dollrs a hundred [p.2] we have not got enney letter from Julian Johnson since October last tha was all will then Julia sent us a ten Dollr note thin we donot git enney informatian from Hurlbert if we git enney I will write to you we should be very glad to see you and all your fameley and take you all by the hande I donot exspect that we shal aver meat in this worlde but I hope that we shll meat in that worlde whare paring [pains?] will be nomore with the Saints mother said that she reconed that Joseph Young had for got to write us pleas to write Eliza and her husbon James Pane and do what thay can for us and well

                Calvin Bicknell