LDSA MS 16907
Correspondence to Jane Adeline Bicknell Young
Transcribed and proofed by Ben Parkinson, January 2006

                Dec 14 1866

Dear dughter I take this opportunity to write you a few lines to let you know how I am getting a long I have my health as good as one could expect and indeed I may think I am unusually Smart for one of my age your last letter that contained some money has been received but it did not come to hand till after I left Ohio Julius came out to see me and I went home with him about the first of Last September [p.2] Since which time I have been living with him in Illinois Eliza is still in Ohio She took your letter & sent me five dollars of monney which she said was in the letter for which I am thankful to receive Julius family are are [sic] all well at present they burried one of their children last week it was four months old I should like for you to write me often and tell all the children to write for it is a great comfort for me to get a letter from any of my children [p.3] you may direct your letters to me at Lovington

                Moultrie Co
My love to all
                Cloe Bicknell