Joseph Young

From Preston Nibley, “Clifford E. Young: Assistant to the Council of the Twelve,” Improvement Era, March 1957, 144–47, 185–87, 189–91

Joseph Young was an elder brother of President Brigham Young. Both Joseph and Brigham joined the Church in 1832, in New York State, and soon became officials in the organization. When the First Quorum of Seventy was organized in Kirtland in March 1835, Joseph Young was chosen by the Prophet Joseph Smith as one of the seven presidents. He held this position during the remainder of his life. At his death in Salt Lake City on July 16, 1881, at the age of eighty-four, the Deseret News said of him editorially:

“Joseph Young has been closely identified with the leaders of the Church for nearly fifty years, and although a quiet and unassuming man, he was well known from one end of the Territory to the other. He was beloved by all who knew him, for his virtue, integrity, humility, and kindness, his fearlessness in the cause of truth and his love of God and all good people. After a long life of usefulness he has passed away, to receive the reward of his well doing, leaving a name and example that will endure forever.” (Deseret News, July 16, 1881).