[LDS Archives MS 1741 fd 3 v. 6]

[Transcribed and proofread by Benson Young Parkinson, Jan 2006]

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Salt Lake City May 10th 1872

the Chronological, Byographical And Historical incidents of the life of Joseph Young Senr written By himself (that is) By his hand and Pen

no one Need to Look for Minute Detail in this Little Scrawl or particular incidents of the life of a person only a Common Citizen of this planit without wealth without fame or Talent [p. 2] Natural or acquired Sufficient to Justifyably anticipate or Evan Court Distinction in any form what Ever

I Bearley intend it for my children Exclusively as the Outlines of A Picture with no colouring to Draw attention from any one Save My posterity who after I am passed Away Shall Meet together from time to time to [p. 3] Mingle their Sympathies Over the incidents connected with More than fifty years of My life while lingering Memory Shall Endure on their Part Many Years of Family associations that will call to Mind Most Vividly the words of a Husband and Fathers after having Rested from His Labours

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I was Born on the 7th Day of April in 1797 in the Town of Hopkinton & County of Middlesex And State of Massachusetts My Fathers name was John

            I resided in this Town untill I Reached My fourth year when Some time in the winter of 1801 My Father Removed his Family to the Town of Whitingham, on Green Mountains in the State of Vermont.

            Nothing of consequence Occurred in this Short interrim of my Life Save the cutting off My Brothers Hand (PHY) (Refering to the First named Place) in the last Named Town & State My Brother Brigham was Born in the First day of June 1801

            in the Spring of the year Above Named My Father Bought a cow of A Man By [p. 5] By the Name of Caleb Murdock it is worthy of Note that the cow gave More Milk than any one I have Ever Seen Since that time My Brother John has told me that she gave one Bushel of Milk a day  during the Season of Feed on Clover one particular incident Connected with this Circumstance was that the animal would Suffer no one to come Near her [p. 6] Except My Sister Fanny and who with the Infant Brigham in her arms performed this Service Twice Each day During the Summer time this was in consequence of the Sickness of My Mother for the child had to Be Nursed from the Bottle and No one could Pacify him But his sister Fanny who was Passionately fond of him [p. 7] if need Be to have laid her life Down for him Every day we changed places 4 times During Our Stay on Green Mountains Our last Place of Residence was Over the pond in the Hemlock woods

            We Remained in this Town (Whitingham) untill the winter of 1804 when we Moved to the State of New York the Town of Sherburn Chenanggo County [p. 8] the first Place of our Residence was on one of the Hills of what was Subsequently called Smyrna (Serburn was Divided) at a farmhouse owned By a Man By the name of Philip Truax here we Spent the two first years our Pilgrimage in this Place Sister Louisa was Born at this Place on Sept following Some time in the year 1806 (25 Day) [p.9] We moved to what was called By our family the half Way Place or to Be More plain half way Between the Truax House & the Cold Brook as it was called

            At this Place the (half way House) My Brother Lorenzo was Born on the 19th Oct 1807

            here allso our Sister Nabby Died

[p. 10]

            in the Same year we Moved to Cold Brook where we lived five years and within this Period Some Small incidences occurred Still they Seemed great to me

            when we left Hopkinton our sister Rhoda Remained in the family of her Grandfather How and did not Join her Fathers Family [p. 11] again untill the year 1809 in Sept of this year She Arrived at our humble Home on Cold Brook in Company with Old Deacon Abner Morton our Mothers unkle the whole Family were Much Overcome at the Sight of Sister Rhoda whom we had not Seen for Eight years [p. 12] it was like one rising from the dead Never did a child Seem to appreciate a Fathers House More humble as it was than did Sister Rhoda and this was fully Reciprocated By the whole family it seemed as though an Angel had visited our House and [p. 13] to add to the Perpetuity of our happiness She had taken up her abode with us

            we Moved once More in this Town on to the Hills of Smyrna

            from thence in the winter of 1813 My Father Moved his family to the Town of Genoa in the County of Cayuga to the Shore of the Lake of the Same Name Remained here five years allso our Dear Mother Died June 11th 1815 in this Place and in the Same Year Sister [p. 14] Susan was united in marriage to James Little.

            from this Place My Father Moved to the Town of Tyrone in Stuben County about two years and half after the death of Mother

            this place (Tyrone) was a wilderness Country Densely covered with heavy Timber here we Made a New farm. I did not however [p. 15] Remain Long with father at this Place

            I left him in the Spring of 1818 and in Company with Mr James Little (Father to FerryMorze Little of Salt Lake City) went to Auburn in Cayuga County I let Myself to Mr Little for Service worked two years for [p. 16] him at ($6.00) per Month or ($72.00) per year Remained in this County about Seven years

            I was anxious at this Period to Know Something of the future Existence Beyond this Mortal life and Laboured for the Knowledge of it incessantly untill the Summer of 1830 when in the [p. 17] Month of June in Company with Brother P H Young we Left for Canada on our way thither we Stoped in the Town of Lyons at a Mr Greens House and here I think we Remained one Night and it was at this Place I first had Sight of the Book of Mormon it was Shown to us By Solomon Chamberlain [p. 18] the next two years of My life I Spent in Canada

            at the Expiration of which I heard Something definite from My Brother Brigham concerning the Book of which I have Spoken and the wonders and work that was Spreading abroad over the land from the Coming forth of this Book [p. 19] Brother Brigham Visited Me while in Canada and Reported Many things of interest Concerning the Signs and wonderfull Miricles Being wrought through the Believers in this New faith I was Ripe for Receiving Something that would feed My Mental Cravings and this Seemed to Be the food I wanted [p. 20] Nothing could have Been More Acceptable to My poor Famishing Soul I hailed it as My Spiritual Jubilee a deliverance from a long night of darkness and Bondage

            I left Canada with Brother Brigham and Returned to My Fathers House in Mendon [p. 21] in Munroe County State New York Visited a few Days with My Father and allso with My Brothers and Sisters who lived in the Same Town

            I was anxious to See those that Could inform Me Something More Concerning this New doctrine Consequently I Set off [p. 22] in Company with My Father and Brother Phineas H Young to Visit a Small Branch of the Church in the State of Pensylvania this was in March 1832 we fell in with William Quigly who accompanied to the Place of our destination we Remained in this Town (Collumbia) [p. 23] about Eight days in which Father Bro P H Y Myself & Bro. Quigly were all Baptized

            I Remained here with the Family of Bro Leonard and visited the families and Kindred of Both brother and Sister Leonard while Father P. H. Y and Bro Quigley Returned home [p. 24] We Visited the Towns of Drydon Homer Deruiter Smyrna Sherburn Oxford and Chenango Point at the last Named Place we found the Family that Kept the Prophet Joseph Smith while he Translated a Portion of the Book of Mormon [p. 25] from thence Returned to Pensilvania to the Town of Collumbia from whence I came with the family of Brother Leonard Remained here a few Days and then Returned to Hector and visited My Brother John & Family I had Much Conversation with My Brother in Relation to the New Faith which I [p. 26] had Recently Received I vindicated the Doctrine of Baptism and the Reception of the Holy ghost to which he Seemed to Be Somwhat opposed and Said to me Many things which Manifested his oposition

            however it Being My Brother John A Man who above all others I had the greatest confidence in [p. 27] as Being a good Man and would intentionally do no wrong nor Speak wrongfully of Good and consequently I Replied to his Suggestions in the Softest way I could Being But a Child in the Cause Myself I felt Extremely Delicate in Making any Declarations that I Might have to take Back or Suffer the cause to Be [p. 28] injured Among the Many things that he Said I Recollect A few words which were So Significant I have Never forgotten and it is Most likly I Never Shall at least in this World and More Especially in consequence of what immediately followed as I thought the visible [p. 29] hand of the Allmighty God interposed at that time & think So still

            What he Said to Me as near as I can Recollect were these words Brother Joseph you have Received a New Doctrine and Another Spirit from what you have had heretofore and I fear it is Delusion [p. 30] for the Scriptures Say that Many falts Spirits have gone out into the world and this is one of them When Br John Said these Words My Spirit Sunk within Me and Darkness Profound gathered thick like a cloud covered My Mind and Spirit [p. 31] So densely that I was in Great Mental Agonies

            However I did not Remain Long in this Sad condition for I prayed Earnesly to the lord for Delivrnce and it Came as Sudenly as if I had Been led from a Dungeon into the Sunlight of Heaven [p. 32] Immediately upon his Saying to me on the foregoing Subject he was taken with Dreadfull pains in his head

            his Dwelling was Situated in a Grove of pine Timber and He was at that time Making pine Shingles the Mode of Manufacturing these Shingles was quite familiar to me as I was frequently in the habit of helping him fall the trees and then with cross-cut Saw himself on one Side the tree and Myself on the other cutting them into Blocks then Dividing them into Smaller ones and with a fro Riving them [p. 33] into Shingles then Shaving them this part he was performing when he Said those cuting words to me he immediately Resorted to his House and threw himself on the Hearth of a large fire place with a Brisk fire Burning

            he was writhing under Excruciating agonies after a few Minuits indurence of his Tortures [p. 34] he turned to Me and Said with an imploring Look (I Shall never forget) Brother Joseph you profess to have the Priesthood of an Institution that heals the Sick and if you have Received Such a gift as that I wish you would lay your hands on Me [p. 35] I responded calmly to his Suggestions By telling him that I would do So on the conditions of his Promise that he would not Persecute or Speak against this Doctrine Anymore to which he instantly consented I arose from my Seat and with palpitating heart & faltering Step for I had Read of But Never had [p. 36] Ministered Such a thing in My life upto that time though Some of the Saints in Pensylvania had Been in My Presence healed from Disease But I placed My hands on Brother John and Prayed for him and My Prayer was heard in a Moment or two and he was perfectly healed and Resumed his [p. 37] Shaving Shingles and this

[the following crossed out heavily]

cured him of his unbelief in the fulness of the gospel

[the following crossed out lightly]

            I returned to My former field of Labour at Geneseo in the county of Livingston After Six Months absence from the place of Brother Johns Residence I returned to See him & visited with and Baptized him.

            He had written to Me More than once to come & perform this ceremony But it was Some Distance away and My Labour was not only the Preaching of the gospel But I had to work with hands as well as with Spirit to get Myself clothing

            Morover I had left the woman to whom I had Pledged My affections [p. 38] in Order to do My Duty as I had Promised I Returned to My field of Labour in Genesseo

[end of crossed-out section]

[written sideways across these paragraphs on p. 37: "Read the Correction"]

            I Must correct Some Errors I have committed in this little volume

            after this Manifestation Made to Brother John I Proceeded to visit Some friends with Brother Leonards family

[p. 39]

            15 July 81

Our dear father has gradually failed since attending Fanny Little funeral and preaching her funeral Sermon. he has not taken any nourishment since 12 midnight and moans when roused as if in pain.


Pulse at 8.20 P.m. 120

Temperature 99 3/10

Respiration 29


I trust he will not suffer as life goes out I pray he may go in peace and free from pain

[p. 40]

July Saturday 16th 4 A.M. father breathed his last. After a severe illness of two weeks although for 8 months he has been Suffering with enlarged prostate and all the evils attendant upon the constant drawing off of his water with a catheter We sent word to our Brother B B who was in London that it would be best for him to come home if he wished to see father alive and that we though his Summer vacation would be a good time for him to Come he accordingly sailed from [p. 41] Liverpool July 3d and reached his home July 17th 81 36 hours to late to See father alive. however BB. Seems to bear the trouble of his bereavement

[There follows an account of the funeral, July 19, 1881, similar to the ones given in Deseret News, 19 July 1881, or Ogden Daily Herald, 20 July 1881.]


My father Said last Tuesday one week ago today when told that BB would be home in a few day he remarked to Tom M C I Shall not live to See him. in a few moments he remarked to his Son SB what a strong glass that is at the Same time looking at a looking glass at the other end of the room Ho life like it is he said and it is full of faces all in mourning


            The prophet Joseph once Said to my father, The time is not yet to redeem Zion and these brethren, Speaking of those in Zions Camp, are going to be wofully disapointed for will not be yet but when Zion is redeemed you will See a day of God Allmightys power.


Just previous to our fathers death he inquired if the grain was yet ripe and when that very appropriate presentation of a Sheaf of ripe grain was exhibited at his funeral we thought of his words.


Father Said at one time he trudging along going into Kirtland and Some one rode along behind him and Spoke and he recognized the prophets voice for he said Bro Joseph Young Shall be among that happy number that Shall not Slumber in the Morning of the first resurrection


My fathers constant wish was So far as earthly wealth was concerned that at Some time he might be in possession of worldly wealth enough to help the lords poor as much as he had it in his heart to do

[p. 48]

When we were on our Journey to england in 1870 while we were on ship board my father remarked referring to the thickness of the walls of the vessel only about 1 1/2 between us and eternity

[p. 49]

He has lived a life of virtue purity and uprightness and his loss will be Sincerely mourned by Thousands He had attained to the advanced age of 84 years 3 months & 9 days and in the beautifull language of the holy Scriptures has gone as a shock of corn fully ripe to receive the crown prepared for the faithful who serve God and keep his commandments

[p. 50 blank]

[p. 51]

President Joseph Young

His death occurred on July 16th 1881 about 4 oclock AM at his home in the 18th ward in this City He had been Suffering for 8 months with weakness and general debillity, it only natural it Should be So at his advanced age. Several times during the past year he has been unable to leave his room for days and Some times for weeks been unable to go from home The last time he was out was at the funeral of his neice Mrs Fanny [p. 52] Little wife of Mayor Little and there he preached an eloquent and Consoling discourse He delighted in Soothing and Comforting those who mourned and had the happy faculty of So doing [permanently?] in his compositions His heart was always full of blessing and his language never Seemed to fail in giving full and free expression to his Soul felt & Soothing words


He passed away without a Struggle and this Seems [p. 53] in Keeping with his peasefull disposition he passed away in perfect calm and peace and the language of the poet might aply to him when he Said

Sustained and Soothed by an unfaltering trust

Aproach thy grave

Like one that wraps the drapery of his couch

around him and lies

down to pleasant dreams


Our father is not dreaming but he has passed the ordeal that gives him entrance into the mansions of glory where a host of friends bade him welcome [p. 54] and Shouted hosanna at his arrival


Pres Joseph Young was born April 7, 1797 in Hopkinton Middle Sex County Mass and was the 2nd Son of John Young and Nabbie How his brother Brigham brough him the gospel while he was residing in Canada which he readily embraced He gathered with the church in Kirtland at a very early period and was one of the first 70s ordained [p.55] Feb 28 1835 he was Called by the Prophet Joseph Smith to be the first president of all the the Seventies which position he held and honerably magnified untill the day of his death