As we are now prepared to rear the walls of the Seventies Hall of Science, the brethren in this city having cheerfully responded to our requirements, we feel it a pleasure to extend the same invitation to the brethren in the various settlements throughout the Territory.

The Elders residing in this city have subscribed liberally, the greater portion of them, however, being tradesmen and laborers, very few owning farms or stock, we must consequently depend upon the country for beef, butter, cheese and other produce to supply the men employed upon the building.

We would therefore respectfully request the co-operation of all who feel disposed to assist in the erection of this Temple of Science, which will not only beautify and adorn the Zion of God, but extend to the Elders of Israel the advantages of knowledge, and qualify them for the position they have been called upon to sustain in the advancement of truth and righteousness upon the earth.

In consequence of the multiplicity of business and the onerous duties of a temporal nature restong upon the Bishops, we have considered it advisable, instead of increasing their responsibility, to appoint the Presidents of Quorums and Mass Quorums general agents to receive subscriptons from those residing in their districts, and wish them to forward to us the means to the Seventies' Council Hall, G. S. L. City, when it will be duly entered on record by the clerk to the credit of hte respective subscribers.

It having been deemed advisable to erect the edifice with burnt brick, we are happy to state that our efforts have been successful; we have now on hand about 135,000, of good quality, and shall proceed with the building as fast as circumstances will permit.

In conclusion, we would ask who is there amongst the Elders of Israel who will not feel gratified, on reflection, that he has contributed his share, according to the amount of means with which the Lord has blessed him, for the advancement of this truly laudable undertaking, calculated to promote the best interests of himself and posterity, and secure inestimable blessings and privileges to all Israel.

JOSEPH YOUNG, President.
H. S. ELDREDGE, Agent for the Building.

R. H. Attwood, Secretary.