Joseph Young Jr. Obituary

Deseret News, 26 May 1858, p. 4
[transcribed and proofed by Ben Parkinson, Jan. 2006]


In Great Salt Lake City, on the sixth inst., JOSEPH, son of Joseph and Jane A. Young, aged 22 years and 3 months.

Joseph was born and raised in the Church; was baptized when he was eight years of age, and from early childhood was nurtured in the spirit and principles of the gospel of our Savior. Farming and attending to the domestic duties of his father’s house engaged his time until he was twenty years of age, when he entered the printing office, where he labored for upwards of one year. In August, 1857, he joined the army, and repaired to the mountains, holding himself in readiness to defend with his life, if it had been necessary, the Saints and the interests of the church of God. He was of a willing and devoted spirit, and being of a delicate constitution, the arduous labors and exertions which he there underwent were more than his frame could endure.

His loss is deeply felt by his kindred and friends, to all of whom he was much endeared by his integrity and virtue; but they feel consoled by the reflection that he died in the faith of the everlasting gospel and the assurance of a glorious resurrection.—[Communicated.

His mortal ‘form’ the ‘coffin’ holds,
            A ‘stone’ ‘points’ out the spot;
And may a flower be planted there
            That’s called ‘Forget-me-not.’

Releas’d from illness’ painful grasp,
            His spirit now soars free;
He meets old friends in purer realms,
            And joins their jubilee.

How blessed are the dead in Christ!
            They die—then live in peace:
While we have sorrows here on earth,
            With them joys never cease.