Joseph Young, letter to Jane A. Young, Nauvoo, Ill, 14 Jun 1844, LDSA, MS 2091 1 fd 1 item 5


June 18
Mrs. Jane A. Young
          Handcock County

in Care of J. P. Greene
P. M. Please Forward this


     Clarksburgh Ross Co. June 14th 1844

     My Dear Jane. I know your Anxiety therefore I Loose no time in Droping a Line to you As soon as possible I would inform you I that I had A Speedy Journey from Nauvoo to this Place And a comfortable one too from Nauvoo to St Louis one Day where we tarried one Day from thence to Cincinati in three Days Making five Days from home here the Breth all Left me I Tarried in Cincinati Eight Days. Being verry unwell I Make it my home At Brother [Mengverath__] his wife is A Sister indeed She Nursed me & gave me Some Medicine which helped me Much the Bretherin in Cincinati helped me to Money Enough to take me to Clarksburg I Arrived here Last Evening found Father & Mother [Calvin & Chloe Bicknell, Jane's parents] Hurlburt [Bicknell, her brother] & Eliza all in good Health Julius [Bicknell, her brother] is About nine Miles from this Teaching school I Shall see him Before I Ceil this the Mail Does not Leave here till Monday I Do not know how you will get Along But I Don't feel As though you would Suffer I want you to mention Me in your Prayers Continually as I Do you I feel thankful to God for My safe Passage from home to this Place I never was More Certainly Convinced of the Power of God through the Faith of My Friends and Brethren than I have Been in this Tour so Far


And I pray that I May still have the Direction of the Spirit of the Lord I have taken it upon me to Do something this year for a good Cause And I hope my Labours will not Be in vain I Shall Make Such Arrangment for operations in the work as I think will Provide the greatest good as this has Been my constant Prayer Since I Left home. I have not had a Gloomy hour yet Since I Left you And I hope I Shall not have one untill I See you Again And I Say to you in the Name of the Lord you Shall not have one if you will Be faithful And I want we Should Both of us Be So Faithful And Live So Near the Throne of Grace that we Can have the sureance [assurance] of Each others willfare & happiness I Allways feel when I Am At home As though you was Made to Make me happy And I Must Say I feel Doubly so when I am parted from you tell Adeline And my Little Boys to Be good Children And if they will Mind their Mother they will not Be sick tell Jane She must Be A good girl Brother Johnson is here with me at Fathers he wishes to Say to his wife that he is in good health & Spirits & is Expecting to Spend the Season & his Labours in this place with me he Dose not think it Best to write to his wife At this time But postpone it untill he can get into Buisness permanantly for the Season then he Says he will write Particulars Let Brother Greene Call on [Hunting] Johnsons wife & give her this inteligence this will Confer a favour on A frind


     Monday Morning June 17th

     I  feel some Better in Health this morning than I have Done for the Last week. Julius Came home Saterday Evening in good health. Apeared Glad to see me Made Some considerable inquiry About you & the Children. Hurlburt & Julius are Both of them inteligent young Men And are Much Respected here. Fathers family are intending to Leave this place Next fall But where they will go is uncertain. Mother and Eliza in particular And all the Rest send their Best Love to you & the Children Mother Says She thinks She Shall See you Before Long they are All in good Health & in good circumstances to Live Comfortable Plenty of Green apples and Ripe Cherrys E will Dry Some for Jane I intend to Fetch Some Dried fruit home when I come. I hope you will take good care of your self. tell Jane She must help her Aunt As much as posible this Summer & She Shall not Loose Anything By it when Come home I want you to pay I. Barlow fifteen Cents in Money for me I want Also you Should get Some one to Clear out the well So that you can have pure water. I am not Able to pay postage [on this Letter] for want of Money But all the Rest hereafter I will endeavour to pay when I Mail I Suppose you Remember the individuals who are owing you Money P. Rockwell two Dolls Mr Coals three Doll Nothing More At Present

               Your Most Affectionate
               Husband forever & Ever
               Joseph Young

Jane A. Young