[handwritten over address]

Joseph Young Sen.
12 July, ’70
His labors in England

[letter starts in a different hand]

42 Islington, Liverpool,
July 12th 1870

Brother Brigham Young Dr Sir

We returned to this office yesterday about one oclock PM after an absences of thirty days during that time we have held Some twenty four meetings and visited a great many of the Saints throughout the conference where we have traveled and ate and Slept under their roofs and all through they are in the very dreggs of poverty their hospitality and Kindness to us was truly worthy Laterday Saints to offer for the heart wellcome was in it all that made us feel that while we accepted it as Elders Laboring in Gods Kingdom we felt that they Should in no wise Loose their reward. And we testify that their patient waiting in faith that the day of deliverance to them would come is characteristic of feelings that actuate the true Later day saint only. the most of our people in this Country are So Low in poverty that it will be a matter of imposibility for them ever to emigrate unless they are helped by the brethren in Zion. Many of the brethren and Sisters who have emigrated in former years have borrowed Sums of money varying from 10 shillings to five pounds Sterling with their Sacred pledge and promise to remit the Same the following Season and all through many years have elapsed in Some cases Since this was done yet they [p. 2] hear nuthing of either the persons thus oblidged or their money Loand to them and many have informed me that not So mutch as the Scratch of a pen have they ever received in reguard to the matter. My health has thus far been very good I am very thankfull to Say. We purpose Starting next thursday morning to visit Glassgow via New Castle and Derum returning by Leeds and having spent a Sunday in each of these three Confrences we then think of taking Steamer and Setting our faces towards home if all is right and the Lord is willing. And the probability is that our finances will forece us to prosicute our journey strait on with out visiting our numerous friends and Kindred in the States as you and I talked of and as I Should very mutch Like to do but without the means it will be imposible. Preaching to the outside world in this Land is about played out and if the Saints were all emigrated from here I would feel like Saying Let them in old England Live for awhile without the Servants of God. The ship Steam Manhattan Guion & Co vessel Sails tomorrow with over two hundred Saints and returning missionaries for New York bound for Utah. May the Good peace of God be with you and all his Saints be blessed is the prayer of You Brother

Jos. Young Sen
pen S B Young