LDSA MS 16907
Correspondence to Jane Adeline Bicknell Young
Transcribed and proofed by Ben Parkinson, January 2006

                Lovington Ill
                                Nov 30th 1867

Dear Sister after So long a time I Seat myself to write you a letter that you may learn that we are all will and have been for the past year I wrote you a letter about a year ago and have not receive any word from you Since and I have come to the conclusion you have not received it or you would have wrote to me in this for in that letter I Stated that I had took Motoher to live with me She came a year ago last September and has been one of us Since her health has been good for one of her age it is but Seldom She has to lay down during the day but one of her eyes are Sore or rather She has an erysipelas in it which gives her much pain people coming here often remark how Smart She is for one of her years a few days ago She rode with me 16 miles and back the next day without much fateague and I took her to an artist and had her picture taken which I think is very good it Shows how She looks know but much changed Since you Saw her time has made its mark on her but her years Seem to Sit lite on her as you will recollect She has a cheerful expression and a kind word for all. I will Send you one of her pictures that you may have Something that will be a memento of our moast dear on earth I also Send one of mine and wifes [p.2] I had a Stranger come to make us a visit this fall which was no less than Sister Juliann and hustband it has been thirty two years Since I Saw them Juliann had So changed that I could not recognize her She did not look as I expected She would but Leicester look familiar both had grown old as well as the rest of us. when we parted you will recollect I was but a youth but now if you could See me you would See I have grown old too years making their mark on me and one can see an occasional gray hair makeing its appearance if we could but meet how changed we are since last we were all together, notwithstanding all this change we have an assurance that we Shall all meet where no change takes palace if we  but live for God my efforts are and my prayer is we may so live---I hope if you get this letter you will Soon answer that we may know of you Mother is very anxious to hear from you She Sends her love to you all with ours when you write address Lovington Moultree county Illinois

                forever your Brother
                                Julius Bicknell

PS I have addresed but one thoug I include all