LDSA MS 16907
Correspondence to Jane Adeline Bicknell Young
Transcribed and proofed by Ben Parkinson, January 2006

                Belmont, May 8th, 68,

Beloved Sister Young,

                After So long I will try to fulfill my promase of writing & Sending you my Photograph, no doubt you hard through Seymore that I got home all Safe and found Mr William & James well & happy we also enjoy good health at present, which blessing I hope yoursilf and good family are in the enjoyment of Since the time I came home I have been very bisay washing & Seting things in order as everything had Stood from the time I went away on my visit & just about the time I got all Straght we mooved into another house and that maks a great deal of work I took cold & beeing over don it me Sick for two weeks but now well [p.2] I have often thought of you & your family Since I came home & your very kind feeling to us I will ever think of my visit with pleasure on my way home I Stoped too days at Austin. I visited every Book Store in the place in Search of [Coreen?] I wanted to Lend it to your daughter Vilate but there is not one in the place as for Belmont it is as yet a Small place with only too or three Stores in it & no Book Store atall. Belmot is not a very large town althought it is growing rapidly it is divided in to two towns East & West Belmont which are about one mile apart by one large Spring of water in the uper part of the town it is Suplied runing through its center Wood is plentyfull five Dollars per cord, there is nothing here in the Shape of evergreens only the [p.3] Scrub Ceder & Sage brush your City must be beautifull just about this time you will Soon begin to have Currents & other goodes from your gardings &c My good friend I Shall be So happy to hear from you. you may find oppertunity to write to me or us once in a while & at present excuse me for a Short letter as I have a good many to write to---as many asked me for a Photograph when in your City & I did not receve them from the Boy untill a week ago & untill the present I have not had time to write, Please gave our best love to all of your family. I wrote to Seymore Some time ago hope he & family are well there is no news in this place which I think would be of any interest to you [p.4] gave our warmest love to your Husband & belive us ever your Sincere friends

David & Isabella Wilkin
Belmont.  Nevada