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Brigham Young was born June 1, 1801, in Whitingham, Vermont. A painter and glazier by trade, he became an early convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served numerous mission. He participated in Zion's Camp, and soon after was called to be one of the original Twelve Apostles. When the Saints were driven from Missouri and the Prophet Joseph Smith imprisoned, he led the evacuation, vowing not to leave any of the widows or poor behind who wished to go. When Joseph Smith was murdered, Brigham Young as President of the Twelve addressed a conference of the Church. He pointed out that the Prophet, prior to his death, had given the keys of the kingdom to the Twelve. The great majority of the Saints accepted Brigham as their new leader, and many testified they saw him transformed as he spoke so that he looked and sounded like Joseph. Brigham completed the Nauvoo Temple in the face of mob violence and then led the exodus to Utah, again making efforts to ensure that the poor and widows were not left behind. As President of the Church he directed the influx of tens of thousands of emigrants and established hundreds of settlements throughout the western United States, teaching them in conferences and regularly touring the Territory to preach to them and encouage them. He served as governor of the Territory for several years. A practitioner of Joseph Smith's doctrine of plural marriage, he had many wives and children and took great pains to provide for them and teach them--his children remembered him as a kind and loving father. He died August 29, 1877, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Five sons of of John and Nabby Young
Lorenzo Dow, Brigham, Phinehas, Joseph, John Jr.
Original carte de visite from S. Dilworth Young

A second version
From Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum

A third version
Copy print from S. Dilworth Young

Closeup of Brigham

Note: The images below that come from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Brigham Young University are used with their permission.

Brigham Young about 1845
Daguerreotype by Lucian Foster;
Brigham Young about 1851–52
Daguerreotype by Marsena Cannon;
Brigham Young about 1850

Brigham Young
Engraving; from Forest Farmhouse,
This Is the Place Heritage Park.
Brigham Young 1853
Engraving by Frederick Piercy;
from LDS Museum.
Brigham Young
Ambrotype, from

Brigham Young about 1862
Savage & Ottinger, carte de visite;
from BYU
Brigham Young about 1862
Savage & Ottinger, carte de visite;
from BYU
Brigham Young
Dudensing, engraving;
from Beehive House

Brigham Young about 1871
Carte de visite
from Dorothy Jean Godfrey
Brigham Young
Albumen print
from Mary Morrison

Brigham Young
Cabinet card
from S. Dilworth Young
Brigham Young about 1875–1877
C.R. Savage, cabinet card;
from BYU
Brigham Young 1876
From BYU

Brigham Young 1876
H. B. Hall & Sons, engraving,
Tullidge's Histories (1889), 2:530
Brigham Young
E.G. Williams & Bros., engraving,
in Orson F. Whitney,
History of Utah (1892), 1:frontispiece
Brigham Young
from Franklin Relic Hall

Back, L-R: Naamah Carter Young, Lucy B. Young, Amelia Folsom Young
Front: Margaret Pierce Young, Zina D. H. Young, Emily Dow Partridge Young, Harriet Barney Young
From BYU Archives

Daughters of Brigham Young:
Zina, Emily, Maria, Carlie, Ella, Phebe, Dora
The Big Ten (the ten older daughters of Brigham Young):
Top L-R: Zina (Card), Evie (Davis), Jeanette (Easton), Mary (Croxall), Maria (Dougal);
Bottom: Rinda (Conrad), Carlie (Cannon), Ellie (Empey), Emily A. (Clawson), Fanny (Thatcher)
From BYU Archives

Daughters of Brigham Young. Emily A. is 2nd row 2nd from left. From BYU Archives


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