Seymour B. Young Children

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Children with Ann Elizabeth Riter
Seymour B. Young Jr.
b. 11 Jan 1868
m. 16 Oct 1895
Carlie Louine "Lulu" Clawson
d. 24 Jan 1941
Ann Elizabeth "Lil" Young
b. 29 Oct 1869
m. 22 Jun 1892
Melvin Dickson Wells
d. 23 Oct 1946
Florence Pearl Young
b. 30 Oct 1871
d. 15 Feb 1975
Levi Edgar Young
b. 2 Feb 1874
m. 12 Jun 1907
Valeria Erepta Brinton
d. 31 Dec 1963
Joseph Bayard Young
b. 5 Sep 1876
d. 8 Sep 1876
Ada Lucille Young
m. 23 Oct. 1901
Thomas Jenkins Lambert
m. ??
Willard Arnold
b. 11 Oct 1878
d. 16 Dec 1955
Elma Young
b. 5 Aug 1880
m. 13 Oct. 1928
Heber Kay Aldous
d. 21 Jan 1971
Louis Courtney Young (m)
b. 20 Oct 1882
d. 22 Oct 1882
Clifford Earl Young
b. 7 Dec 1883
m. 20 Jun 1911
Edith Grant
d. 21 Aug 1958
Josephine Irene Young
b. 1 Aug 1886
d. 7 Dec 1954
Ora Bernice Young
b. 27 May 1889
m. 5 Jun 1912
Orson Madsen Rogers
d. 18 Jan 1981
*Photo may be wrong—
labeled "Bet"*
Hortense Claire Young
b. 6 Dec 1892
m. 5 Nov. 1920
James Thaddeus Hammond
d. Sep 1982
Children with Abbie Corilla Wells
  Nana Young
*Info needed!*
b. ??
m. ??
Husband surname Clark
d. ??

Seymour B. Young family at Mountain Dell
Back, L-R: ?, ?, John Robbins, Lou Clawson Young, Seymour Jr., ?, Seymour Sr.
Middle: S. Dilworth Young, ?, Lizzie Riter Young, Florence Young (baby), Lil Young Wells, Melvin D. Wells
Seated Front: Emily Young (Knepp), Horense Young (Hammond), Miriam Wells, ?, ?
Front: ?, Hiram C. Young
Courtesy of Louine Y. Cromar

Back, L-R: Lucy Stringham, ?, Melvin D. Wells, ?, Will Stringham, Lillie Young Wells, Lou Clawson Young
Third: Ferrin Stringham, M? Wells, Hottie Young, Emily Young
Second: Dil Young, Louisa Wells, ? Wells, Florence Young, Seymour B. Young Jr. Front: Hiram C. Young, ? Wells, Melvin D. Wells Jr.
Courtesy of Louine Y. Cromar

Woman with baby is Lou with Florence
Courtesy of Louine Y. Cromar

Back, L-R: Melvin D. Wells Sr., Lilli Y. Wells, Louine C. Young, Florence Young (baby), Seymour B. Young Jr.
Third: Farren Stringham, Mirriam Wells, Hortense Young, Emily Young
Second: Louisa Wells (center)
Front: S. Dilworth Young, Hiram C. Young, Bicknell Wells, Melvin D. Wells
Courtesy of Louine Y. Cromar

L-R: Bet (Ora Bernice Young Rogers?), Valeria Erepta Brinton Young?,
Ann Elizabeth "Lil" Young Wells, Ada Lucille Young Arnold,
Hortense Claire Young Hammond, Levi Edgar Young (Lee), ?,
Elma Young Aldous, Lou Clawson Young, Florence Pearl Young
Courtesy of Louine Y. Cromar

1. Hortense Young
2. Miriam Wells
3. Edith Young
4. Melvin Wells
5. Louise Wells
6. Emily Young
7. Elma Young
8. Dilworth Young
9. Florence Wright
10. Richmond Young
11. Louisa Wells
12. Hiram Young

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