The Family of
Clifford Earl and
Edith Grant Young


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Photos from Preston Nibley, "Clifford E. Young: Assistant to the Council of the Twelve,"
Improvement Era, March 1957, 144–47, 185–87, 189–91.

*Looking for Originals*

Front Cover

Age 4, p. 144 About age 5, p. 144

Christmas 1895
One-calf open sleigh
p. 146

1905, about age 22, p. 144 1907, right,
on mission to Germany
with comp. Charles T. S. Parsons
age 22, p. 145

Family portrait. Front, L-R:
Miriam (Farnsworth), Edith (Harris), Helen (Page)
Back: Edith, Clifford E. Jr., Clifford E.
28 December 1937, p. 145
Family at the Young home in
American Fork Canyon
August 1947, p. 146

With Grandchildren, p. 147 Assistants to the Twelve
Back, LR: Sterling W. Sill, Hugh B. Brown, John Nongden
Front: El Ray L. Christiansen, Alma Sonne,
Clifford E. Young, THomas E. McKay;
p. 146


Note: If you have photos of Seymour B. Young Sr. or other family members that you would be willing to have scanned (no more destructive than a photocopy), please contact Ben Parkinson, webmaster, at "feedback at" (replace "at" with "@"). We plan to make high-resolution scans and/or reprints available to all family members.

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