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Joseph Young was born April 7, 1797, in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. An early convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he worked on the Kirtland Temple, participated in Zion's Camp, was in the Haun's Mill Massacre, and was expelled with the Saints from Missouri and Nauvoo. He was called as one of the Presidents of the Seventy when Joseph Smith first organized the quorum. He soon became its senior president and served in that position for the rest of his life. In 1850 he led a copy of pioneers to Utah, where he had grazing grounds and ran a mill. For 30 years he traveled throughout the territory preaching to and encouraging the Saints and delivering aid to of missionaries and their families. Joseph had 6 wives and 22 children. He died July 16, 1881, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Joseph Young Family Genealogy


Five sons of of John and Nabby Young
Lorenzo Dow, Brigham, Phinehas, Joseph, John Jr.
Original carte de visite from S. Dilworth Young

A third version
Copy print from S. Dilworth Young

Closeup of Joseph

Joseph Young
Engraving from
Harper's Weekly,
(18 Aug 1866), p. 520
Joseph Young
Scan of original carte de visite
from LDS Archives

Joseph Young
Copy print from LDS Archives

Joseph Young
Copy print from
Utah State Historical Society

Joseph Young
Original cabinet card from
Louine Cromar





Other Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Family with Jane Adeline Bicknell (Young)

Jane Adeline Bicknell Young
Scan of carte de visite
LDS Archives
Jane Adeline Bicknell Young
Original cabinet card from
S. Dilworth Young
Jane Adeline's husband
Charles Burtis Robbins
Pioneers and Prominent
Men of Utah
Charles Burtis Robbins
LDS Biographical
2nd child
Joseph Young Jr.

3rd child
Seymour Bicnkell Young
From LDS Archives

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Seymour's web page]

Seymour and wife
Ann Elizabeth Riter Young
From Louine Young Cromar

Ann Elizabeth Riter Young
From Louine Young Cromar
Seymour Bicnkell Young
From Louine Young Cromar
4th child
Marcus de la Grande Young
(went by LeGrand)
Photocopy of clipping from
Jane Hinckley
Courtesy of Jane Hinckley
LeGrand, from
Pioneers and Prominent
Men of Utah

Legrand's wife Grace
(Pansy) Hardie Young
Courtesy of Jane Hinckley

LeGrand and Grace and family
Lucile, Grace, LeGrand Sr., LeGrand Jr.,
Jasmine, Pansy (Grace), Joseph, Afton

5th child
Julia Ann Vilate Young
Courtesy LDS Archives
6th child
Chloe Eliza Young Benedict
Courtesy LDS Archives
Chloe's husband
Francis Denton Benedict
From Pioneers and
Prominent Men of Utah

7th child
Rhoda Young McIntosh
8th child
Henrietta (Rhettie) Young
Courtesy LDS Archives
9th child
Brigham Bicknell Young
Courtesy Daughters of
Utah Pioneers

Family with Lucinda Allen (Young)

Lucinda Allen Young
2nd wife
Deseret News
1st child
Phineas Howe Young
Courtesy LDS Archives

Family with Lydia Caroline Hagar (Fleming) (Young)

1st child
Isaac Fleming Young
Deseret News

Lydia Caroline Hagar Fleming Young—Forthcoming

Family with Mary Ann Huntley (Burnham) (Young)

Family with Elizabeth Stephenson (Young)

Family with Sarah Jane Snow (Kinsman) (Young)

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